Since 2004, Serviceplan and GfK brand ranking of brands that are economically successful and that evoke emotions in the minds of consumers.

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Best Brands is a brand ranking based on a representative empirical study conducted by GfK in several countries measuring the strength of a brand on two criteria: the actual economic success (Share of Wallet), and the psychological attractiveness of the brand in the perception of consumers (Share of Soul), who ultimately constitute its future success.

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Best Brands for the young and old alike

Is there anyone who has not heard about the arrival of the pandas at Pairi Daiza in 2014? Is there anyone who is still unaware of which animal is the Walibi mascot in Wallonia, and who the Plopsa characters in Flanders are? Theme parks are magical places for the little ones that we once were, and...

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The Best Brands for DIY

“DIY is within your reach” and “For people who make things”! These two slogans encourage everybody to get their hands dirty, and to perform minor (or major) works on their homes themselves. As renovation is in fashion, the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) sector is one that has changed significantly...

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Best Brands: Samsung is in pole position

According to the Best Brands consumer survey conducted by GfK at Serviceplan’s request, the best brand in the electronic appliance sector (which also includes digital cameras, MP3 readers, and GPS devices, etc.) is Samsung. Samsung won the Best Product Brand Award in 2016, and came 8th in the 2017...

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Best Brands: Colruyt is unbeatable

Colruyt is one of the most popular brands in Belgium, along with Coca-Cola. Both of these brands received two awards each in two competition entries. The soft drinks brand won Best Corporate Brand in 2016, and Best Product Brand in 2017. Meanwhile, Colruyt won Best Belgian Brand Award in 2016, Best...

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Best Brands: Apple and Samsung, etc.

Smartphones now form part of people’s daily life in Belgium. A few major operators compete with one another on the smartphone market. However, one competition in terms of media and technology is at the centre of attention. This competition involves two giants, one of which is American and the...

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Jupiler, the Best Beer

When people mention Belgium, what is the cliché that recurs almost systematically when talking about fine food? No, it isn’t the famous mussels ‘n chips, or chocolate. It’s the other thing. Yes, that one. Beer. Belgium is known world-wide for its beer. Our brands are exported to the four...

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What binds Serviceplan and GfK is the passion to develop and to coach fascinating brands. Brands that are economically successful and that evoke emotions in the minds of consumers – in other words, best brands.

Together we study the emotional and social relationships consumers develop with your brand, and the competition. We identify active brand equity to understand current and future brand performance. We also uncover latent brand equity to develop new growth opportunities. We use advanced modeling to understand how image and experiences affect relationships and brand success.

Your benefits? Augmenting existing client KPI's. Better understanding of consumer behavior. Improving the performance of your brand. Increase customer acquisition/retention. Allowing to model future success.


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About Best Brands

At Best Brands, it is not the subjective opinion of a jury that decides the winner, but the consumers themselves.

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