Since 2004, Serviceplan and GfK brand ranking of brands that are economically successful and that evoke emotions in the minds of consumers.


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Best Brands is a brand ranking based on a representative empirical study conducted by GfK in several countries measuring the strength of a brand on two criteria: the actual economic success (Share of Wallet), and the psychological attractiveness of the brand in the perception of consumers (Share of Soul), who ultimately constitute its future success.

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Best Brands France: Amazon, Google, Samsung and Michelin winners of the first french edition

BB2018_France On Monday 5 March, the award ceremony for the prizes in the first French edition of the Best Brands Awards was held. This event rewards the best-performing brands each year in a number of countries based on an exclusive study conducted by the institute GfK. The event brought together...

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Serviceplan and GfK unveil the finalists for the Best Brands Awards 2018

Serviceplan and GfK have just revealed the list of finalists for the Best Brands Awards 2018. Thanks to the independent study carried out by GfK, we now know which brands achieved the highest scores this year. By way of a reminder, this study is based on the analysis of over 300 brands with 3,500...

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15 Years of Best Brands in Germany: Ikea, Nivea, Lay's and Nike on the Winners’ Podium

20180228-BBCorner-23-square Best Brands, the industry event that has developed into the most important on the calendar since its inception in 2004 - celebrated the top brands in Germany for the 15th time on 21 February. The winning brands were identified in the course of a representative GfK study....

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Best Brands: Care Products

Sustainable growth of a brand is based on a good balance between sales activation and being able to rely on a strong relationship with consumers. After all, a strong emotional connection with a brand is increasingly a driving force for growth. This faces brand managers with a major dilemma today:...

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Beauty Best Brands

Which are the beauty products preferred by the Belgians? To shed light on the question and to allow for a more nuanced evaluation, we divided this category between “volume” and “premium” or luxury brands in GfK’s Best Brands survey, conducted on Serviceplan’s request. We used...

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Best Brands: the battle for the e-consumer is far from over earned the title of Belgium's favourite online shop in 2017, receiving around 158 million visits. According to recently-published figures by CupoNation, the .com and .de variants of this online shop are also very popular, receiving 68 and 51 million visits respectively, which explains why...

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Best Brands: Financial Services

How do you contact your bank? 20 years ago, this question had only three possible answers: 1) by going into a branch in person, 2) in writing, or 3) by phoning my bank. Nowadays, there are numerous possible answers. Of course, customers can still contact their bank by going into a branch, in writing...

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The Best Retailers Brands

As we explained in a previous article, Colruyt was selected best “Omnichannel” brand in 2018 by the 3,500 respondents taking part in the Best Brands study carried out by GfK for Serviceplan. However, in view of the growing importance of retailer diversification, the burning question is whether...

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Best Brands: the "Best" Motor Show conditions

For people wishing to buy a new car via an official network in Belgium, the period from December to the end of February seems to be the most attractive one. After all, January is when the Motor Show Brussels is held: one of the major European automotive events in which all car manufacturers come...

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Best Omnichannel Brands: Colruyt in the lead

Serviceplan is about much more than just the Best Brands study. Nevertheless, it must be said that this project, carried out in partnership with GfK, reflects the philosophy of the Woluwe-based agency wonderfully well. Specifically, Serviceplan is constantly looking for new media allowing it to...

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Best Brands Italy

Regular followers of this column will already know that Serviceplan and GfK are developing the Best Brands project together in several countries. On 15 November 2017, it was Italy’s turn to unveil the winners of the best brands of the year.   Italy has selected the most influential brands...

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What binds Serviceplan and GfK is the passion to develop and to coach fascinating brands. Brands that are economically successful and that evoke emotions in the minds of consumers – in other words, best brands.

Together we study the emotional and social relationships consumers develop with your brand, and the competition. We identify active brand equity to understand current and future brand performance. We also uncover latent brand equity to develop new growth opportunities. We use advanced modeling to understand how image and experiences affect relationships and brand success.

Your benefits? Augmenting existing client KPI's. Better understanding of consumer behavior. Improving the performance of your brand. Increase customer acquisition/retention. Allowing to model future success.


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At Best Brands, it is not the subjective opinion of a jury that decides the winner, but the consumers themselves.

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