Best Brands: Samsung is in pole position

According to the Best Brands consumer survey conducted by GfK at Serviceplan’s request, the best brand in the electronic appliance sector (which also includes digital cameras, MP3 readers, and GPS devices, etc.) is Samsung. Samsung won the Best Product Brand Award in 2016, and came 8th in the 2017 ranking. It remains comfortably ensconced in the Top 10, well ahead of its direct competitors, namely Philips (ranked 65th), and Sony (ranked 71st). The other brands in the sector are ranked outside the top 100.

Samsung achieves a significantly higher ranking than its competitors in terms of Share of Wallet, as it receives a major boost from the variety of its product range. However, this does not prevent it from also being a leader in its category at the Share of Soul level, i.e. the emotional aspect of the survey.

In a situation where over three-quarters of the respondents (77%) state that they have a strong relationship with Samsung, the South Korean brand is one of the favourite brands at this level across all markets. For comparison purposes, Philips obtained a score of 64% on this indicator, and Sony obtained a score of 59%.

If we were to base ourselves only on emotions, the electronic appliance ranking would be completely different. For instance, LG, which ranks 4th in the sector, would find itself behind Canon and Panasonic.


Several factors explain these differences, beginning with loyalty. Loyalty is much more significant for Canon than for the other brands outside the Top 3. Canon is also a brand that provides better experiences than LG or Panasonic. It even ranks higher than a brand like Bose on this point.

However, the main difference lies in awareness of the brands. Alternatively, perhaps we should talk about familiarity with the brands. In the case of Bose, for instance, 35% of the respondents consider the brand to be a complete stranger, which means that they know it by name, but that is just about it. 20% of respondents say the same thing about LG. Meanwhile, Samsung, Philips, and Sony register scores of less than 5% on this aspect.


It is nonetheless interesting to note that these results are more than likely influenced by the more specialised aspect of these brands. In fact, most of the respondents who rated Canon (photography), or Bose (audio), and appeared familiar with these brands, consider them as Best Friends or Flirts. This is interesting, since, as mentioned in the previous assessments, a Flirt is undoubtedly a more unusual relationship, but one that generates higher spending. Conversely, a Best Friend or a Family are more usual relationships, but ones on which people spend less.

This theory receives further confirmation from the results of the Guru relationship, where Bose comes top.

Conversely, the results for Acquaintance, for instance, will trend downwards.

Accordingly, we have very different operators competing in this category, i.e. large operators who cover a very wide array of products, and maximise their market share, and specialist operators, who are the standard-setters in their respective field, and play on a higher level of expertise and capitalize on a more cutting-edge image.

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