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Dinner’s served! The Belgians are known, among other things, for their love of gastronomy. However, the usual clichés of moules frites, chocolates etc. are not what is meant here… or are they? The « food » category of Best Brands, a consumer study conducted by GfK at the request of Serviceplan, like the other industries lists the 10 best brands in the sector. But to select brands of confectionery, frozen food, rice or charcuterie and combine them in one category, we have had to carry out analyses of sub-categories. The aim being to retain only the strongest brands on the market.

It is Côte d’Or which wins this face-off. Which just shows that the clichés are sometimes well-founded. Behind the iconic brand of mignonettes, we find Danone, Lotus and LU. All brands more associated with desserts and other sugary/dairy sweets. The top 5 is completed by Knorr.


As often when we look at market leaders, we quickly see that Côte d’Or stands out positively in relation to its competitors in terms of strong and positive relationships as almost seven in ten people feel a strong connection with the brand.

Emotionally speaking, there are two other brands that should be highlighted. Firstly, Lotus, which obtains runner-up scores for most of the Share of Soul measures. But also Lay’s, the famous brand of crisps and crackers. Lay’s is, for example, superior to Knorr in terms of relationships.


In contrast, Danone is stronger in terms of the rational or commercial aspects of the criteria covered by our study. Another brand which is strong in terms of Share of Wallet is Herta, in particular for receiving a very high « First Choice » score since a quarter of respondents define the French brand as their first choice when they go into a supermarket.

Lay’s, which has already been defined as being an emotional brand, is ahead of Danone when it comes to the experience offered to consumers. It even comes third in this ranking. Moreover, Danone scores rather badly in terms of the experiences it offers consumers as fewer than one in two people say they have positive memories of their last experience with the brand - which is a poor result for a brand of this importance.

And where is Knorr in all this, you say? Knorr is a more rational brand by default. Within its category of products, Knorr is certainly an iconic brand but it does not attract interest in itself. Its products are primarily used for the enhancement of flavours. But that is not all we feed ourselves on, these are is not some ready-to-eat products. And this is why Knorr deserves a lot of credit for being in the top 5.

To finish this section, it should be noted that Dr. Oetker, Nestlé and La Lorraine complete this eclectic top ten, with more balanced scores between Share of Wallet and Share of Soul.

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