The Best Brands for DIY

“DIY is within your reach” and “For people who make things”! These two slogans encourage everybody to get their hands dirty, and to perform minor (or major) works on their homes themselves.

As renovation is in fashion, the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) sector is one that has changed significantly over the past few years. More people are deciding to carry out minor works without calling in a professional, either from a concern to save money, or for fun. It is therefore completely natural that the Best Brands consumer survey carried out by GfK at Serviceplan’s request has taken an interest in the sector.

The two slogans featured above did not appear due to chance. In fact, the two most visible stores are Hubo and Brico, which are included in the Top 60 in our general ranking, and bag the top two places in the sector. Gamma takes the last place on the podium, and is 151st in the general ranking.

As is often the case, the greatest difference appears in the emotional aspects of the brands. In fact, although Brico obtains “Share of Market” results that are slightly higher, Hubo ranks first thanks to its “Share of Soul” results, i.e. consumers’ attachment to the brand.


What makes these two brands stand out most is the experience that they offer to their visitors. Over one person in every two (52%) says that their latest experience with Hubo was positive and memorable. This applies to just over one person in four (44%) for Brico. In addition to this initial data, we observed that 7% of respondents say that they had a memorable but negative experience with Hubo, while 12% provide a similar reply where Brico is concerned.

As a reminder, an experience is the actual basis for the relationship that you create, with consumers in this case, although the same applies to any human relationship. Accordingly, it is no surprise that Hubo achieves a strong relationship score, which is higher than Brico’s score (58% compared with 55%).

We also see this result colour the scores achieved at the loyalty level, where Hubo once again ranks slightly ahead of Brico.

It will be interesting to observe the trend in this difference at the time of our next survey, which will be presented in March and to see to what extent the difference in terms of experience has grown, stabilised, or decreased, and the impact that this will have on the relationships that bind these brands to their customers.

If we look at other information in the survey in order to gain a better understanding of the personalities of the two brands in question, we also observe that more consumers tend to define their relationship with Brico as more negative than the one that they have with Hubo. Although Hubo has very few negative relationships, we observe that Brico stands out with a score of 12%, which is well above the average, and the score achieved by other brands like Gamma.


In fact, Gamma is the brand that is closest to Hubo and Brico at every level. It actually ranks third in terms of almost every measurement in the survey. Meanwhile, if we analyse the brand’s performance in detail, we observe that it is ultimately a brand that has a more discreet presence in people’s minds, with a weak relationship rate of around 50%. Although its awareness ratio is close to that achieved by the leaders in the category, we can deduce that Gamma probably suffers from its less extensive presence in our country. At this level, we note that the regions south of the Sambre-Meuse Line have fewer Hubo, Brico, or Gamma stores. Meanwhile, Mr Bricolage appears to have a greater presence in these regions, although it is less present north of the Line. This presence, which is limited to Wallonia, like that of Van Gastel in Flanders, for example, will explain the lower results achieved by these brands in a survey carried out on a sample that is representative of Belgium.

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