Best Brands 2016 in Belgium – Alcoholic drinks

Belgian beers are potential Best Brands

In 2016, Best Brands revealed the first winners in Belgium. Samsung took home the award for the best product brand and Jupiler came in third. Jupiler also took first prize in the alcoholic drinks category.

In addition to its sales volume, Jupiler also distinguishes itself for what is called its "share of soul”, i.e. its importance in the minds of its consumers. Jupiler has managed to carve out a significant lead over its competitors both for the experiences the brand offers consumers and the relationship that binds them.

Although it was no great surprise that Jupiler won first place, it is very interesting to see that 4 of the 5 brands in the category are beer brands.

Obviously beer is an important part of Belgian alcohol consumption. The relationship between Belgium and one of its most popular products is very strong. And although there has been a noticeable emergence of micro-breweries in recent years, the brands selected for the awards are real giants in their field.

It is a field that has been significantly influenced by the technological innovations that have re-dealt the cards among the different players. Companies can no longer content themselves with having an historic brand. The consumer experience offered by a brand must be constantly rethought and reinvented, in terms of both image and products. And especially the form of the bottles in which it is presented. Every brewery, every brand now has its own model of bottle, with different caps and in some cases etching. Our finalists are the perfect example.

A brand like Leffe also takes advantage of flavour differentiation. Leffe has increased its range with the Royale label, for example. Maes takes the same approach with its Radlers.

Finally, besides the form of the bottle, the volume must also be adapted to suit all types of occasion. Sales of crates of bottles have declined in recent years in favour of more easily transportable packs. Packs of 6, for example, though this market needs to meet its consumers if it wants to develop.

Thanks to technological innovations beer production capacity is evolving rapidly, so it is crucial for brewers, whatever their size, to define their consumers’ needs so that they can adapt their products and the experiences they offer.

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