Best Brands 2017 in Germany

Best Brands Germany has been held for the 14th year in Munich in February 2017. BMW, Coca-Cola, and Duplo were honoured this year. For the special category award “Best Future Mobility Brand”, Tesla representatives stepped up to the winner’s podium.

In the category “Best German Corporate Brand International”, BMW stands head and shoulders above the rest this year and is therefore number one for the third time since 2012. In this category, the reputation of German companies is not only measured in Germany, but also in other important export countries within the most significant economic areas: the USA (for North America), China (for Asia), Brazil (for Latin America), and France (for Europe). Behind this automobile manufacturer follow Porsche, Coca-Cola, and Adidas.

The “Best Product Brand” of 2017 is Coca-Cola, which has landed the top spot for the first time. The brand strength of each evaluated brand was measured according to sales and customer attitude aspects: “Share of Market” not only covers market share, but also customer bonding or brand loyalty and the price premium, while “Share of Soul” stands for product brand recognition and the cross-selling potential, as well as brand relationship and brand experience.

Duplo received the honour of “Best Growth Brand”. The award marks the greatest value change in market share, in combination with the change in market attractiveness of the brand compared with the previous period. The study design is based on the one used for “Best Product Brand.” Runners-up to first-time winner Duplo were Perwoll and Miele.

In this year’s special category, “Best Future Mobility Brand”, Tesla fought off BMW and Öffi. This time the focus was mobility, a key issue for the future. To do justice to the complexity of the topic, relevant mobility categories were determined using baseline GfK studies and a preliminary study with consumers. The brand list named 34 providers of the most diverse mobility solutions today and for tomorrow – from automobile and IT companies and public transport operators to online and sharing models. In the methodologically robust measurement model, three core dimensions were identified: “Future Orientation”, “Convenience”, and “Usage Experience”. Besides creating basic public awareness, visionary mobility brands realise these three mobility aspects most successfully in the eyes of the consumers.

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