Best Brands China 2016

Recently, Asia celebrated the start of the Year of the Rooster. The right moment to turn our attention to the results of Best Brands China 2016, organised in Shanghai in December 2016 by Serviceplan and GfK. The theme of Best Brands 2016 was “Next China” and it was intended to shed some light on the changing mentality of Chinese consumers, new trends, shifts and innovations. As technological progress gives way to rapid globalization across China, greater openness can be seen. There is also a marked change in Chinese consumers, who are not only becoming some of the earliest adopters, but also some of the most sophisticated, global and, more recently, most demanding consumers in the world. Decoding the complex language of Chinese consumers is a complicated task and a very dynamic subject. In the age of DiDi, Tmall and numerous other tech-driven disrupters and game changers, traditional communication and shopping channels are becoming increasingly obsolete. “Next China” will be both fascinating and stimulating for anyone involved in marketing in China.

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