Best Corporate Brands 2018 #2 : THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY

Television, radio, animation, film, consumer goods, tourism, sports, etc. In its 95 year existence, The Walt Disney Company has become a company with many faces, and a model to be followed. The company’s trademark, however, has remained unchanged since day one: to create a magical experience on every level. “Thanks to this image, Disney’s scores for the most emotional criteria in our evaluation are high”, according to the GfK specialists. “The company has not just succeeded in distinguishing itself from other companies but consumer preference is also higher than average, with The Walt Disney Company earning the second highest score for this particular criterion”.

Surprisingly enough, Disney does not have such a close relationship with consumers as might be considered. Only four out of ten people confirmed that they felt a strong kinship with the brand. The six others defined their relationship with Disney as being weak (“knowledge”) or negative (“friendship break up” or “conflicted relationship”).

In other words, while people love the Disney brand, they do not necessarily feel an affinity with it. They mainly love the idea of the brand: “Without actually having the impression that they know it entirely, which is understandable, given the group’s scope and its many activities”, GfK concludes. “Disney scores best in terms of its international character, which is logical for this type of company, as this is also its strongest asset. Concerning the Belgian population’s perception of the Disney group, it is worth noting that

the public mainly values Disney’s product quality. Disney also earned the second highest

score for the item “better product/service offering than other companies in the market”. The Mickey Mouse logo has thus become the equivalent of a quality guarantee.

Disney’s merry band of characters earned their best score in 2018, after being ranked fourth in 2017. So it definitely is worth following them next year to see whether they will be able to outperform local giant Colruyt.

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