Best Corporate Brands 2018 : #3 THE COCA-COLA COMPANY

After being elected Best Corporate Brand in 2016 in the first Best Brands competition, The Coca-Cola Company continues to be one of the most prominent players in our brand environment. The American soft drinks giant has been a stalwart in the top three since the competition was first organised in Belgium. In 2017, it was ranked in second place. But should the group be concerned about its third place and the fact that it is gradually slipping down the ranking? “Most definitely not”, according to GfK. “Compared with previous years, The Coca-Cola Company’s scores were higher, both for the rational and the emotional aspect of the survey. So the perception of the brand has not worsened. Its competitors have simply upped their game.”

Coca-Cola capitalises on the fact that it continues to be perceived as the best company in the Belgian market, achieving the best score for this criterion, ahead of Colruyt and Microsoft. “Its international character is another asset”, according to the GfK experts. “It achieved the third best score for this aspect, after The Walt Disney Company and Apple”.

Finally, Coca-Cola also succeeds in making a difference when it comes to the quality of its products. “Respondents think the company sells the best products on the market. This perception is not due to coincidence. The Coca-Cola brand occupies an enviable position, with 60% of respondents stating that they feel a kinship with the brand. In short, The Coca-Cola Company continues to be one of the best drinks brands in Belgium even though its scores are somewhat lower for the emotional indicators than for the rational indicators. And it looks like this situation will remain unchanged for many years to come.”

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