Best Digital Brands 2018 : #2 BOL.COM is a Dutch e-commerce company. It was established in 1999 by the Bertelsmann Group. It entered the Belgian market in 2010, and was acquired by the Ahold Group two years later. While you can have parcels delivered anywhere in Belgium, is only available in Dutch, making it less attractive for the French-speaking market where the brand is largely unknown. All the same, has a reach of 75% among people who have used online shops in the past, across all the regions. In other words, three quarters of all people who previously purchased online services or products have already heard of or read about

Like all the top brands in the Best Digital Brands ranking,’s has a very high score for sales activation. This may sound logical because of the site’s nature. If you look at the top ten in this category however, online sales are not necessarily a guarantee for a place at the top of the ranking. “The quality of the experience is another indicator for which the Dutch brand had an exceptionally good score”, says GfK. “More than 75% of the people who engaged with the brand consider the experience to be positive and memorable, making one of the best scoring brands for this indicator.”

In conclusion, rapidly succeeded in becoming one of the highest-scoring online stores in Belgium, alongside the international giant Amazon. The site still has a lot of untapped potential and it will be very interesting to see to which extent the company can achieve more growth in the next few years.”

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