Best Digital Brands 2018 : #3 DECATHLON.COM

Decathlon, which we consider more of a hybrid player, is ranked behind the two first digital brands, i.e., Amazon and, because the sports brand initially only had physical stores, only developing into a full-fledged digital player at a later stage. In 1997, Decathlon opened its first points of sale in Belgium. Since 2016, it has opened another 27 new shops.

The brand’s desire for expansion is also apparent in its online strategy, which is equally successful. The company succeeded in confirming its standing as a major digital player, as is evidenced from its third place in the ranking.

The fact that 53% of the Belgian population relied on this channel for the purchase of sports items last year and that 45% praise the quality of the brand’s digital activities is also a contributing factor. “This score is calculated based on the difference between positive and negative memorable experiences so it is safe to say that more than half of the respondents consider their digital experience with Decathlon to be positive and memorable”, says GfK.

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