Best Digital Brands – TUI stands out from the crowd

Just like the environment in which brands evolve, the Best Brands survey conducted on behalf of Serviceplan by GfK seeks to innovate every year, in order to respond to the realities that advertisers are facing. A new category emerged in 2017, where the aim was to assess the performance of the digital business as well as the digital potential of each of the 300 brands selected as part of the consumer survey.

We initially focused on the brands’ potential (Brand Potential Index), in order to understand consumers’ interest in a website, social networks, and discussion platforms, as well as online purchasing. We asked consumers to rate their most recent experience with the brand as a second step.

The Best Digital Brands assessment results provided us with an eclectic Top 10, where TUI, and IKEA ranked in the top three.

It is worth noting that the difference is based not so much on the brand’s potential, but on the rating of experiences. Among the 10 finalists, only the brand obtained a rational score that was higher than its emotional score.


By digging further into the results of the 10 finalists in the category, we can observe that, on average, around half of the digital experiences that these brands offer their customers are not perceived as memorable and have no impact on the brand. TUI initially stands out at this level, since over two out of three digital experiences are perceived as memorable.


However, TUI also stands out as a result of the quality of the various digital experiences arranged by the brand. In fact, over 75% of the experiences created by the brand are positively rated by consumers. Better still, around 6 people in 10 rate these experiences as positive and memorable. This will have a considerable impact on the brand image. In comparison, no other brand exceeds 50% of positive and memorable experiences.

Once again with a view to developing the concept of the Best Brand Awards, Serviceplan and GfK have designed a new category known as Best Omni-Channel Brand, the aim of which will be not only to measure digital performance, but also to understand the interactions between the online and off-line spheres, and the impact that this combination may have on a brand’s market share.

The first leads, including the results of the new Best Omni-Channel Brand category, will be revealed on 10 October during the “House of Data” event organised jointly by Serviceplan, GfK and Media Marketing at Musée du Cinquantenaire.

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