Best Growth Brands 2018 : #2 NOVY

The Best Growth Brands category is intended to highlight brands that have not yet had their moment in the spotlight for the Best Brands Awards’ leading category, i.e. the Product category. It allows us to focus on specific brands that have performed outstandingly in the last twelve months. While the segments these brands operate in may not be that sexy, we all decidedly use their products on a daily basis.

One such example is Novy, which is ranked second in this category, even though it is an unknown brand for some. Novy is a Belgian brand of household appliances for those who are unfamiliar with it. The brand started out producing bikes and motorbikes around the turn of the previous century, adding extractor hoods to its product range in the Sixties. Over time, its range expanded to include ovens, hobs and refrigerators.

In 2017, Novy succeeded in significantly improving the quality of its brand experience. “The percentage of positive memorable experiences increased from 18 to 22%. While this continues to seem an unremarkable score when compared with the segment leaders, which achieve a 70-percent score, it is still relatively striking if you take the scale of this brand into account”, according to GfK’s analysis. The same applies to the nature of the brand’s relationship with consumers, which is also relatively limited. Three out of five people consider Novy to be a “stranger”. “However, the percentage of strong relationships increased from 12 to 15%, or a relative increase of 25%, which explains the growth of Novy’s market in 2017 share compared with 2016”, GfK concludes.

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