Best Product Brands 2018 : #2 SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS

In 2016, Samsung was the first brand in the history of this competition to receive the honorary title of Best Product Brand in Belgium. More specifically, the award went to Samsung Electronics because while it’s true that Best Brands reviews over 300 brands, some brands appear in the top ten of various segments. Samsung is one of them, with its highly diversified product portfolio. This year, the Korean giant popped up in the top ten of the electronics, IT, telecom, and major household appliances sectors.

While GfK makes a distinction among Samsung’s results in all these categories, the Samsung products of one segment have a definite influence - albeit subconsciously in some cases - the brand’s perception and assesment in another sector. The institution confirms that: “Samsung’s recurrent ranking as the second Best Product Brand this year is largely due to its performance in the electronic products category. Last year, the brand was ranked eighth, but this year it once again takes pride of place with this award.”

Samsung owes its strong comeback among others to the “share of wallet”, the rational criterion assessed by the study. Whereas Ikea scores better thanks to its “share of soul”, Samsung has a hard time competing with the Swedish furniture giant on the emotional end of the spectrum of this evaluation. And yet Samsung succeeds in cementing very strong relationships with its customers as a brand. “Three quarters of the respondents feel they have a close affinity with Samsung as a brand. Twenty percent are less engaged with the brand, while only 6% say they have a negative relationship with Samsung. For this type of brand, this is a remarkably low score. By comparison, Coca-Cola scored 14% for this indicator.”

However, Samsung also represents an experience, more specifically memorable experiences, which two thirds of the respondents always consider to be positive. “Ultimately it is interesting to see how the entire electronics industry advanced in the ranking”, GfK concludes. “The developments of Sony, LG, Philips and the rest of this segment are all impressive, but Samsung has succeeded in maintaining a certain advantage with respect to its competitors. This advantage is just as obvious in terms of share of wallet as share of soul. Even though Sony and Philips have made it into the Overall Top 50, Samsung continues to be a major player in the Belgian market as a whole. However, this is while its competitors, which also operate in various sectors, must settle for enviable positions on the sectoral level.”

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