Coca-Cola and Colruyt are Best Brands

There are many iconic brands. However, if I say Father Christmas, a lit-up truck and a polar bear, I’m sure that we will all think of a single brand, i.e. Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola has been the ultimate brand for a long time, both where its products and its advertising presence are concerned. The Best Brands Awards have regularly highlighted the brand since their creation. The brand has received an award at every event in Belgium alone.

If we shine the spotlight on the 2016 event organised in Belgium, Coca-Cola Company was voted Best Corporate Brand. This result is the outcome of local operations and a strong local base.

In fact, Coca-Cola is not just the favourite sponsor for Belgian events, regardless of whether they are cultural or sporting. It is a brand that has invested in several entities in Belgium, including a development centre, and employs thousands of people in our country. It forms part of the Belgians’ daily life, while contributing to the development of their economy.

Coca-Cola ranked ahead of the Colruyt Group in 2016, while Colruyt was elected in turn the following year. This time, the award was granted to what could be considered as the ultimate Belgian brand, not only in the retail sector, but also in the country’s economic landscape. Colruyt is a company that has managed to retain a family image despite being the market leader. This owes nothing to chance. The company has always made its employees and its customers the focal point of its activities, by investing in what matters and avoiding anything superfluous.

Although there are many differences between both companies, which it is pointless to list here, what we observe when we assess the two top-ranked companies in the Best Corporate category is their attachment to Belgium, and Belgium’s attachment to them. The fact that the respondents are able to identify with the brand is one of the crucial factors in those brands’ results. The Belgians expect companies to share their values, and match their personality. However, it is also very important to them that these companies invest in their long-term economic future.

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